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About ReefGeek

Who We Are

We share your passion and enthusiasm for aquatic life. Our goal is to provide you with trusted products and useful information that will help you keep your aquarium healthy and looking its best.

ReefGeek has been providing aquarists worldwide with exceptional products and customer service since November 2000. Our small team of knowledgeable aquarists are here to assist you, not only by providing you the best products available today, but also to answer your questions and provide you with best information we have available to make your aquarium shine.

Our Business Philosophy

Our success depends upon you. We place a high value on the quality of the relationships we have with our customers, vendors and the communities in which we do business. We strive to create a relationship built on trust by sharing our personal feelings and opinions, a laugh, tips on maintaining a successful aquarium, and the guarantee of value and customer service.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that we all have a responsibility to protect the aquatic environments which make this hobby possible and to contribute to the global society to which we all belong. We encourage everyone to do their part to help protect not only aquatic ecosystems, but all environments from those in your neighborhood to those around the globe.

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