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Warranty Information

When you purchase any product from us you are entitled to the manufacturer’s warranty coverage against defects for that particular item. If any of your items are not working correctlyplease contact us at or toll-free at 866-295-9230 and we will do everything we can to assist you in getting the item(s) working correctly.

If we still can’t get the item(s) working correctly and the item(s) was shipped less than 30 days ago, we can typically take the item(s) back and exchange it for the same item or provide store credit or a refund for the original retail value of the item(s)less any discounts and shipping and handling charges. After 30 days from the date of shipping, most items need to be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement. To determine if your item is eligible for a warranty return, please review the paperwork that came with the merchandise or contact the manufacturer. If you need any assistance during this process please do not be afraid to contact us.

We have a very high standard for service and we expect the manufacturers we deal with to provide a similar level of service to our customers. If you find a manufacturer’s service less than satisfactory, please contact us as we want to hear about.

For you convenience we have listed the support phone numbers for many of the manufacturer’s we deal with below. If you are unable to reach the appropriate party, please contact us at or toll-free at 866-295-9230.

Manufacturer Contact Information: